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    Whether your wanting to record and produce an album from start to finish, bring the band in for a day to record a song, add some tracks and do some editing to one of your existing sessions, send a few sessions over for a lush and polished mix, or wrap up your new EP with some surgical mastering, or put on a private performance, we can do what you need and get it done right. Even though we can provide these individual services to you, most clients need a few of these services combined so we do our best to quote each client based on their specific needs while trying to meet their budget.

     We're here for you. Planning and your next recording project is our playground. Click the button below to send us an inquiry. Tell us a little about yourself, your project, and what you're wanting to accomplish. We'll help prescribe a solution to reach your goal at a rate that you can afford.   

All services are quoted after a free consultation

contact us to schedule a consultation. 

Receive a custom quote tailored to your specific needs.  




One question that we're asked all the time is, "What is a producer?" 

    Think of a producer as a project manager that also acts as a creative director . When recording music, foley or a film score for a movie, or an audio book, there are a lot of executive decisions that need to be made. Bands working to record their album sometimes don't anticipate this and run into creative disagreements that lead to standstills when making the creative decisions that can waste time, energy, money, and sometimes even bring the project to a complete halt. It's a producer's job to work with the artists from before the recording project itself begins. A producer has to realize the creative vision and "soundscape" an artist has for their music and help them prepare the best plan of action to achieve it. Once the recording process begins, a producer will help keep the project moving forward towards it's goal while offering constructive criticism and creative suggestions along the way coaching the artist to capture their best performances and ultimately get the most out of their time in the studio and their budget. Coordinating schedules, booking session musicians that might be needed, and making decisions thru the process of editing and mixing of a song can greatly distract an artist from maintaining focus. It's a producer's job to orchestrate all the duties of a recording project while keeping the project moving in a positive, forward direction allowing the artists to focus on the most important thing, their craft.  

    Our producers are here to help you create the masterpiece you hear in your head in the most effective and efficient way possible. With our producers assisting your project you'll far surpass your own expectations.



Recording, editing and mixing is the job of the audio engineer. They are responsible for properly capturing the music. Unlike a producer, an engineer isn't always responsible for orchestrating the progress of a project or coaching the artist's performance. It's their job to combine the proper equipment, best technique, and use their professional experience to bring a songs tracks to life through the recording process. The editing and mixing skills required to make a song it's best are crucial and widely underestimated by artists.  

    The audio engineers at The Brickyard are musical wizards and audio ninjas that will make your music it's best because we care about your sound! 


Audio Books & Podcasts:

The Brickyard delivers top-shelf voice recordings that meet and exceed the ACX submission requirements to digitally distribute your next audiobook or podcast.

When it's time to record your next Podcast series our facilities can provide a wonderful space capture it. Whether you're a solo host or you have a handful of guests, we have the tools to do it right. 

When it comes to Audiobooks, we've got you covered. Our engineers will capture the narrative that delivers your story at it's best. If you're audiobook requires sound effects needs voice actors, The Brickyard can help you select the actors for the roles in your book and help design a soundscape that brings the story to life and gives your listeners an interactive experience. 


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"Sometimes you just need a stress free, cozy place to jam."

    Most rehearsal studios offer tiny rooms for rent that are engulfed in the ruckus and rumble of other bands sharing your walls. This experience is quite distracting ultimately keeping you from making progress and maintaining focus. At The Brickyard, we allow our large 25' x 36' live room to be rented out for rehearsals so that you can get things done. It's inviting, spacious, acoustically pleasing, and positive atmosphere make for an excellent place to gather and work on your music while holding your privacy to the highest respect. We fully furnish the rehearsal space with whatever PA equipment you may need including mics, stands, cabling, and monitors. We have amplifiers, keyboards, and drums available at your request making it so you can just walk up, plug in, and get to work. We can even record rehearsals making it a great place to hold pre-production rehearsals to prepare for upcoming recording sessions. 

    Drop us a line.. We'll hook you up. 


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We designed our live room not only wanting to provide an acoustically sound place to track a record, but also a place where an artist can hold private live events. Measuring roughly 1000 square feet with 15' ceilings, the live room at The Brickyard makes a perfect spot to host a CD Release Party, a private and intimate venue for a Live Performance, or a spacious set to film a music video or webcast. 

Let us help you house your next party, we'll pull it off with perfection. 

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Electronic Press Kits:


Electronic Press Kits, or EPK's, are essential in today's live music scene for booking and promoting your band. Having your music, image, history, and media displayed professionally to agents and venues is the key to landing that first gig at the newest venue. At The Brickyard we can help you to compile your music and media into a compact and artistic EPK that you can use to promote and advertise your band to the industry masses. We can create an appealing cover page, a band bio section, a media page with links that will take the viewer to all of your online pages and content, and all the info that an agent needs to book you for their next big show. Contact us today for a consultation to start developing your new EPK. 

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 Gear List


2008 MacPro - 2.8ghz - 8core - 16gb RAM - OSX 10.10.5

Samsung 27" curved monitor

2012 MacBook Pro - 3.2ghz - quadcore - 16gb RAM - OSX 10.10.5


Avid Pro Tools v11.3.2

Logic Pro X

Presonus Studio One

Melodyne 4.1


Apogee Symphony I/O - 32x32 analog


(2)Mackie HR824

(2) Yamaha NS-10

(2) Avantone Mixcube

Dangerous Monitor ST w/remote

Bryston 2B power amp

(2) Hear Technologies HearBack Hubs

(8) Hear Technologies Hearback Mixers

(8) Senheisser HD280 Headphones


(4) SSL VHD mic preamp

(1) Tube Tech MP2A 2ch tube mic pre

(2) Heritage Audio 1073/500 Mic Pre & EQ

(1) API 3124 4ch Mic Pre

(2) Universal Audio LA-610 Mic Pre & Compressor

(2) Chandler Limited Germanium Mic Pre/DI

(4) Neil 1073 Lite Mic Pre & EQ

(1) Slate Pro Audio Fox 2ch Mic Pre

(1) True Systems Precision 8- 8ch Mic Pre

(4) Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor

(2) Vintage DBX 165a

(2) Warm Audio WA76

(4) SSL 611EQ


(2) AKG C 414 XL II

(2) AKG C 414 XLS

(2) AKG D 112

(1) AKG 224e 

(2) AEA R84 Ribbon mic

(1) MikTek C7

(4) sE 2200a

(2) Senheisser 441

(4) Senheisser 421

(4) Senheisser 604

(1) Senheisser 602

(8) Shure SM 57

(8) Shure SM 58

(1) Shure Beta 52a

(1) Shure Beta 56a

(1) Shure Beta 91a

(2) Sterling Audio s30a

(2) Sterling Audio ST-44

(1) Telefunken AR-51

(2) Telefunken M-60 FET


(1) David Eden Navigator Preamp w/ WT1205 Power Amp

(1) David Eden 2x10XLT cab

(1) David Eden 1x15XLT cab

(1) 1992 Fender Twin 


Alesis QS8 

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S61 

1965 Hammond RT-3 with 122 Leslie and PR40 ToneCab


Gretsch Brooklyn Satin Walnut four piece kit: 10x8.5", 13x10", 16x16", 24x16"

Gretsch Brooklyn Steel Snare: 6.5x14"

1967 Ludwig Super Classic Kit: 13x10", 16x16", 20x14"

1967 Ludwig Supraphonic Snare: 5x14"

Zildjian K Custom Dark Cymbals: 14" hi-hats, 16" crash, 18" crash, 20" ride.

Shakers, Tamborines, cowbells, woodblocks, other misc. percussion